Migrating Wordpress sites to VPS.


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I'll be getting a VPS and I want to know what is the best way to migrate the Wordpress sites.

I am using Hostgator shared hosting and I have a number of Wordpress sites that need to migrate to the VPS.

I would appreciate if someone can tell me or is there a guide on how to do it!



I have never heard of this, however after reading your post i did YouTube it, cause what's better to do than YouTube things when you don't know lol. So here's a link to help you out.

two links actually I hope they help.
you really have two choices:

1) use the WP export option, get the xml file, and then install the wordpress importer plugin on the new site, and let it do all the work. this is probably the simplest way to do it.

2) use mysqldump and tar-gzip - this is a bit more challenging, but more accurate. you end up moving everything over exactly as is.


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I prefer the mysql dump method and just coping the files to the new account.

It gets everything, and no risk of webserver timing out. Importing mysql through ssh command line is pretty basic, simply

mysql -u USERNAME -p DATABASEname < dumpfile.name

and to get that dump file:

mysqldump -u USERNAME -p DATABASEname > dumpfile.name - copy this over to the new server.
one thing to CAREFULLY look for when using the mysqldump method is how many ""hard-coded"" directory references there are in the resulting mysqldump.sql file.

in other words, (for example) the top of my directory structure, as far as apache is concerned, might look like this:


but the migrating host location might look completely different! so, its really a matter of just using your favorite text editor and issuing a global text change to wherever you see these hard-coded directory references.

i think there are some WP plug-ins that do this sort of nonsense rather than using environmental variables.