Openvpz VPS - Email question


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If i buy an openvz vps how much emails i can send per day with that VPS? I want to start a webhosting service and i need to know how much emails limit per day i need to set to my customers.


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There is no specific set limit. Note email needs to follow our terms of service (no spam for example) but unlike shared hosting there is no email limit per hour on a vps.


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Yes that is possible.
Ok thank you, because i want to open a webhosting company and i need some vps. For not spam on emails i will buy only 2gb vps, and host 4 websites on a 2gb vps (384mb ram limit for every vps), so if i will host only 4 websites per vps i'm sure the emails will not be up than 1500-2000 per day.
I will use kloxo-mr as a panel on openvz vps.