setting up reverse DNS

hello all -

how does one go about setting up a reverse-DNS ? i see on this page below i can set up one reverse-dns for my IP number, but what if i am hosting multiple domain names? is it possible to set up many reverse-DNS values?

would each domain need a separate IP number?

thank you!


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according to the little research i did, my spam problem may be solved by just having one reverse-dns record. the reverse-dns record does not even need to point to the correct domain, supposedly.

note: my problem is that when i send to gmail, yahoo, etc (and especially a-o-hell) i get tossed into my clients spam folder. and gmail does not necessarily make it that easy for a novice to even find the spam folder!

my issue is that i have many domain names all on the same IP number. i really dont want to have to purchase a separate IP number for each domain name just to create a reverse-DNS record.

any other opinions?


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InterServer's shared webhosting servers use mailchannels for SMTP, allowable 100 emails per hour per domain.


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Yes, it would be possible to relay over a shared hosting SMTP server from your vps.

Jon W

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Yes, it would be possible to relay over a shared hosting SMTP server from your vps.

Sounds great! I imagine I set this up as my "smart" relay host.
What's the name of the host? What port number? TLS or plain?
Maybe there's a page where I can read about this?


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This depends. I had thought you were considering using this more along the lines of say a php script that connects with smtp. That is pretty easy as you enter only the webhosting server hostname, smtp port, username and password.

It is always in the format of: (host)
Yes on SSL
port 465
your email username and password

As for a smart host, if it can be configured using standard smtp auth then there won't be any issues.