Tips tosecure physical server


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We are using High-speed DSL internet of Acanac Inc in Toronto. We are planning to install a physical server or NAS storage system to keep some our confidential records. I need to to get some network security tips to keep this data safe and accurate. Can somebody provide some information regarding this?


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Various options depend on the operating system and software you are going to use, but
here is some general ideas

1) keep your passwords strong. i.e. R$Q11xhNa39C12At#Hc5tT5$u
2) keep your confidential records encrypted.
3) configure servers firewall to only allow connections from your ips.
4) keep the local machine you are connecting from safe and clean.
5) run backups as often as possible.
To protect the server, follow these guidelines:

Lock the computer room.
Give the keys only to people you trust.
Keep track of who has the keys.
Mount the servers on cases or racks that have locks.
Disable the floppy drive on the server.

Hope this information is helpful to you.
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