Web design agency.


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Hey, we just registered with your Affiliate program, coming from Hostgator and Hostwinds because your renewal fees are much better.

We are running a web design agency, both local and worldwide, we are providing monthly payment so we get tons of customers.

We are getting 20-30 customers per month, and we send all of them on Hostgator to buy hosting before we can create site with them, we used to charge $50 yearly commission for hosting and domain, but it was not really profitable for us after 2015 because now we have to pay tax on all our income even these yearly payments.

We decided to send all our customers to Hostgator, they pay us really nice money, but customers are not satisfied with renewal prices.

Our customers usually stay with the same hosting provider forever because these are mostly small e-shops and small business owners and they dont need much space and bandwidth, so they are satisfied with basic shared and sometimes VPS hosting.

I read your terms where you are not allowing web agencies to send their customers to your hosting, I'm wondering why?

Theres no logic in that, our customers are the best customers for any hosting, they stay there for 4-5-6 years and they always renew on time, that's the point of affiliate program.

Can you explain me why are you not allowing web agencies to use your program, thanks?


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Hello, thanks for your interest. The main reason as I am aware is that for affiliates your own account should not come in contact with the affiliate account which is one method used for fraud detection. For web agencies this normally is something that does happen. If you email affiliates@interserver.net you can discuss is further with an affiliate manager to see if anything can be worked out.