WildCard SSL Certificate Suggestion Needed


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I am planning to purchase an SSL certificate.

The domain names are:

all pointing to the same IP address (as of now). But, I also plan to purchase a linux VPS in the very near future to host some subdomains. I would like to know, which certificate would work best for me?

Is it Alpha SSL w/ WildCard?

Since we are an open source and free project, I would like become cost effective, but not compromise the quality at the same time. It is possible?

Any help on this would be highly appreciated.


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A wild card ssl covers all sub domains for one domain. So one cert can cover: *.mixerp.org

I'd recommend choosing one ssl cert for all domains and redirect to it. Otherwise you need three ssl certificates for all three domain names which increases your cost.


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Okay thank you for the suggestion. Does "Alpha SSL w/ WildCard" shown in my control panel support being used in multiple servers?

I want to be able to use the same certificate in my home server as well.
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