Your biggest "oops"

Joe Huss

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Its too hard to say , there have been so many ,

removing all invoices in an SQL statement with a misplaced semi-colon
delete from invoices; where invoices_id=232


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Accidentally deleting a database (with over 300k real posts/threads)... no wait... my bad... deleting it was not the oops, the oops was that I never backed up that database.

Foodie TR

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We were going through some random redundancy checks when the servers crashed because of a coconut tree falling on our building in India.


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I recall trying to check if there was an OpenBSD image available for install, going to the VPS re-installation panel and messing things up there. I ended up wiping my server with an unintended clean install of the same OS I had.

Gladly enough, it was a replicated cloud VPS and they did have a backup. I blessed ticking the "high availability" box.

Morality: next time just send a ticket to support asking if they support a certain operating system.
I accidentally wiped all my data once because I had turned off the warning notifications about deleting data because they were annoying me and I hit the wrong key once.


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I accidentally deleted my school assignment database file that took me about a week to complete and my recycle bin was also cleared. I was relentless to recover that file and so I tried about five data recovery software until I was able to recover it. That moment has taught me to always backup my important files using my email inbox or a usb drive.


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Wiping the entire site's entire database, including the users, some of them actually paid for some gimmicks I put to sale and I received tons of complaints. I refunded their money, but that wasn't the biggest issue for me: I had to start all the site again from scratch. Oh, god! Another 3 months of tediously-working because of a single unresponsible maneuver.


My only one would be forgetting to backup my database, and then deleting something I really needed and not being able to get it back. I've learned my lesson with that quite a lot of times.