You're favourite type of laptop/computer?

I wanted a macbook, so I bought one second hand. I have to say, the excitement faded away after a while - the quality of video and all was amazing, but I am a windows and linux guy through and through. So, I sold it for a higher price :D and have used Toshiba,DEll, hp, etc. All of them are good and bad in a variety of ways.
You're the same as my husband. The first time he used the MacBook, he was frustrated. The second time, he was still frustrated. The third time, he regretted buying it and wished he bought a different laptop instead. Lol. But for me, it works well especially if you get used to it! I actually love it more than my previous laptops. So yeah, he can just buy another one, this one's mine!


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I am currently a Lenovo laptop owner, but in the past I used to own a HP laptop.
Both of those laptops are very good quality at least in my opinion.
What experience have you got with you're laptop/s? And what one would you like to have as you're dream laptop? I would love to own the Mac OS X.Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
I bought it a year ago and it's still working pretty great. I use it for working online and it never disappoints me. But of course, I would want to have my own HP laptop computer someday, or a Mac Pro.